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3 Great Reasons to Rodent-Proof Your Home


Did you know that a mouse can enter your home through a hole the diameter of a pencil & a rat can move in through the size of a quarter? As you can see, these furry pests don’t need much of a window of opportunity to infiltrate your living space and unfortunately, they can do a lot of harm once they do.


Here are 3 Great Reasons Why You Need to Rodent-Proof Your Home:

  1. More than 200 different kinds of germs can be passed by rodents!
  2. They can damage your dwelling by chewing, defecating & burrowing throughout your home & property.
  3. Rodents will gnaw on your electrical wires and can cause structural fires.


7 Tips to Rodent-Proof Your Home or Office:

  1. Tour your basement during the day & look for light filtering in through gaps, holes or incoming pipes or utility lines. Caulk the gaps with expandable foam mixed with steel wool.
  2. House, dryer & roof vents should be screened (make sure not to restrict airflow)
  3. Chimneys should have professional caps on them
  4. Garage doors & man doors should have door sweeps and/or weather stripping to seal any gaps. Weather stripping needs to extend 24” above ground on the garage doors
  5. Check crawl spaces and seal any entry gaps
  6. Trash receptacles should have tight fitting lids.
  7. Remove clutter & vegetation around your building, pools, hot tubs, sheds and air conditioners. This helps prevent areas of harborage.