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Ants, Ants and More Ants

ant on leaf

It is common to find carpenter ants emerging in the spring. Winged queen ants are in search of a new home to build their nest in. Once they find a suitable place the queen will loose her wings and move right in.

In the open areas carpenter ants are vital components to the ecosystem breaking down deadwood into soil.  But the job that they are designed to do in nature can be extremely destructive if they settle on building their nest inside the walls of your home.

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not consume wood.  They burrow tunnels into  soft wood leaving behind piles of sawdust or frass that is distinctive of this nuisance insect.  Their are also physical differences that help distinguish between the two.

If you see ants and are concerned about protecting your home or simply interested in preventive maintenance. Give us a call and an experienced, licensed technician will be available to give you practical and knowledgeable advice.

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