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Ants from Beyond the Grave

Have you ever seen a ghost ant before? Don’t worry–ghost ants are not the spirits of deceased Formicidae, returning to haunt your kitchen cupboards and basements at night.

Ghost ants (Tapinoma melanocephalum) are common to Florida, although they can be found in northern greenhouses and other controlled environments. They are quite small, and their name comes from their milky-white, almost transparent, color.

These little guys love warm weather. They’ll be outside if the temperatures are nice, although they are equally happy indoors if it’s too cold outside. If they do live indoors, you’ll find them in the bottom of potted plants or behind baseboards.

Take care not to step on ghost ants! When crushed, they stink up your room with the smell of rotten coconuts. Consider it a gift from beyond the grave. The best ways to avoid these ants are the same ways you can avoid ants of any kind: Keep your home clean. Don’t let crumbs stay on the floor. Wipe up sticky residue.

If you have to treat for ants, don’t use chemical sprays indoors. These can be harmful to your environment, and they won’t solve your problem. They eliminate active, adult ants that are out in the open, but they do nothing to eliminate the ant colony.

To solve the root of the problem, you need to invest in some ant baits. These devices contain substances that the ants will carry back to their colony. The substance eliminates both symptoms and source, without exposing children and pets to harmful chemicals.

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