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Avoid the Ants!

If your home or place of business experiences an ant invasion, here’s three simple steps to help you tackle the problem:

#1. Identify the attractor. Ants usually enter a building because they can smell food, even if it’s just crumbs or a sticky residue. If you eliminate the attractor, you’ll eliminate the ants.

#2. Perform basic housekeeping. Vacuum your carpets. Wash hard floors. Ants leave behind scent trails as they travel from their colony to food sources. Washing away these scent trails is key in reducing the number of ants visiting your building.

#3. Prevent further entry. To solve the problem permanently, you need to block their access. Ants enter through the smallest holes. Seal all compromises in your house foundation, windows, doors, and seals.

Where we come in: If your ant problem persists, you should invest in ant baits. Using a chemical spray on indoor ants is not as effective or safe as baiting. When you use our traps and baits, the ants will pickup a substance that doesn’t immediately effect them. Rather, they carry it back to their colony, eliminating the symptoms and the source of your ant problem at the same time.

Don’t let increased pest activity darken your days as spring arrives. Call Epcon Lane with any pest concerns!

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