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Bug Barometer

Spring is here which means bugs will be too. As many people are aware there are a variety of pests that take over once the weather warms up. Sometimes though it is hard to know exactly which ones to prepare yourself against and exactly how to do it. Luckily earlier this month the National Pest Management Association released its “Bug Barometer” to help you with just that!

Weather patterns have a huge impact on which pests will be where and how many of them will arrive. With this winter’s drastic colds in the Midwest and abundant amounts of snow in the Northeast there will be particular bugs to look out for depending on your geographical location.

In Northeast Ohio we are technically located in the Midwest region, but we border very closely to the Northeast region of the United States so it is best to be educated on both.

Northeast Region: According to, “when it comes to stinging insects, this extreme cold may have an impact on overwintering populations of mated wasp and bee queens, and will also delay termite swarm season, as the deep ground freezing will thaw much later that usual.” They also mention to be on the lookout for excess water which serve as great mosquito breeding grounds. Even though termites might get a late start this year, with all of that excess water they could increase their population more than usual.

Midwest Region: Also, look for a slight delay in pest activity, but again that does not mean there will be less as the weather continually gets warmer as we approach summer. “Cold weather can also mean a reduction in rodent reproduction and the natural death of rodents such as mice,”

April showers will not only bring May flowers, but plenty of pests too! Make sure you are educated on what types of pests to be on the lookout for and be sure to call Epcon Lane Pest Control for all your pest control needs or questions!