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Bug Files: Drain Flies

drain fly

Did you know that clogged drains can cause more problems than just slow-moving water? If your sinks, showers, or industrial drains are clogged, you are a prime candidate for a drain fly problem.

During the next two weeks, we’ll talk about these pests and Epcon Lane’s new steam-clean drain service that will remove them efficiently and thoroughly. Today, we meet the enemy.


Drain fly. Sometimes called moth flies. These 1/5-inch-long flies can appear suddenly in overwhelming numbers in places such as industrial kitchens, restaurants, and homes.

Physical Description: 

Drain flies are fuzzy with large wings held above their bodies like a roof. Their flight pattern is short and disjointed. They are small enough to pass through standard window screens and lay up to 200 eggs at a time.

Offensive Activities:

They are primarily a nuisance pest. Large quantities will drive customers away from your restaurant and discourage friends from visiting in your home kitchen.

Suggested Tactics:

Eliminate the breeding grounds. Drain flies are strongly drawn to damp areas with decomposing organic matter—hence their love for drains, particularly clogged drains.
Use a long-handled, stiff wire brush to cleanse clogged pipes.
You can also use a drain snake.
Flush the lines with boiling water and an enzyme bacterial drain cleaner.
For breeding areas not located in a drain: Eliminate standing water. Clean trash cans and recycle bins. Clean under and behind large appliances and counters, including where the feet touch the floor.

For Back Up:

Pest control technicians have some additional tools at their disposal, such as bacterial drain cleaners that will eliminate breeding areas without harming your pipes.

Epcon Lane is now offering a new steam drain cleaning service to eliminate drain flies efficiently and thoroughly. Come back for Wednesday’s blog to learn more.

Much thanks to Ohio State University’s “Extension Fact Sheet: Drain Flies” by William F. Lyon.

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