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Bug Files: Fruit Flies

fruit flies

On Monday we met the drain fly, that pesky insect that will breed in your clogged drains. Today we learn about his partner-in-crime, the fruit fly.


Fruit fly. Similar to drain flies, these pests are not quite as common but just as annoying.

Offensive Activities:

As with drain flies, the fruit fly will not bite or carry disease. However, too many will drive customers and friends away.

Suggested Tactics:

  • The key is eliminating breeding areas. You should clean all drains with a stiff wire brush, flushing the pipes afterwards with bleach or cleaner.
  • You can also install fly traps on the underside of trashcan lids. Replace them with fresh ones until the infestation problem is gone.
  • Regularly wash recycle bins and trash cans.
  • Clean behind and underneath large appliances and counters. Don’t forget to clean where the appliance feet touch the floor.

For Back Up:

Professionals may use an area spray called Pyrethrin to immediately reduce adult population while sealing small cracks and crevices where breeding occurs. They may also use traps operating on pheromones and ultraviolet lights.

Epcon Lane is now offering a new steam cleaning service to eliminate drain and fruit flies efficiently and thoroughly. Come back for Friday’s blog to learn more.


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