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Celebrity Spiders: Part 1

gray cross spider on web

With Halloween around the corner, in almost any yard you can expect to see rubber tombstones, flying witches crashed into tree trunks, grinning pumpkins, and of course, lots and lots of spiders.

Regardless of the season, spiders have always had a place in popular culture. This week, we’ll take a quick look at three species that have inspired book and movie characters. The first two are from E.B. White’s children’s classic, Charlotte’s Web. The last is Marvel’s Black Widow from The Avengers.

Character: The original inspiration for White’s spider character was Epeira sclopetaria, or, the gray cross spider. These spiders are small, round as a coin, and colored in a black-and-brown color scheme.

Fun facts:

  • Sometimes they are called bridge spiders because they are often found near water, hiding under bridges. They also live on structures made of steel.
  • They are night hunters.
  • Although graceful when maneuvering around its web, the gray  cross spider is clumsy on the ground. Because of this, it rarely leaves its web.
  • After creating its egg sac, the female grey cross spider dies. In Charlotte’s Web, White refused to violate this scientific fact, even at his publisher’s request.

Spiders may make good characters in books, but they are not welcome visitors in your home. If you have a spider problem, read this month’s earlier blog, “Your Fall Visitor.” Or, call Epcon Lane today for reliable pest control services.