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Commercial Pest Prevention Tips

Taking the proper steps in pest prevention is a key factor in keeping your business pest free. Of course, pest control companies like us are always there to assist you in prevention as well as after they have already invaded, but with the help of we have created a list of steps YOU can take to keep those pests away!

“Pest-proof” your business by being vigilant of building maintenance needs
Dispose of garbage regularly and store in sealed containers.
Seal cracks and holes on the outside of your business, including entry points for utilities and pipes. 
Don’t overlook proper drainage at the foundation; install gutters or diverts, which will channel water away from the building.
Be sure your employees keep food sealed and stored properly.
Clean high-volume areas daily, such as public eating areas and kitchenettes, where crumbs and trash are more likely to build up.

By following these steps, staying up to date on the latest pest control practices and making sure (if needed) you stay on track with your appointments with your pest control company, you are sure to be pest free! Epcon Lane is always here to answer any questions as well as perform any services necessary. We understand that customers are the most crucial part to any company and we want to be there to help you keep them happy.