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Did you build your Ark? Are the pests going to be flooding us?

High water, excessive moisture and standing water all lead to unexpected pest pressures. Such as:

  • Standing water brings on mosquitoes and their larvae  
  • High water moves rodents and snakes out of their burrows
  • Flooded sewers put pressure on rodents and roaches
  • Rotting debris attracts flies

In Northeast Ohio with the continuous rain and flooding we have experienced, expect to see the biggest issue with Mosquitoes. What can you as the homeowner do to help mitigate these concerns?

  1. Walk around your property and inspect for standing water. Examples are bird baths, flowerpots that have poor drainage, lower elevations in your yard that are holding water and window wells. Eliminate this water. If you see larvae floating in it, they are probably mosquitoes!
  2. If you have creeks or ponds on your property, consider adding Mosquito Briquettes to the waterway. These eliminate mosquito larvae without causing harm to the ecosystem. You can get these at your local hardware store or call us and we can provide them to you.
  3. Landscapes with trees, shrubs and vegetation harbour these pesky biters. The best defense for this situation is to apply a residual product to these areas that help eliminate them where they hide. This typically is done by a licensed pest control company such as Epcon Lane. Choose a program that offers monthly preventative service from spring to fall.

Remember, the best defense is offense. Be proactive, inspect, eliminate harbourage and opportunities for rodents and pests to infiltrate your yard!  Team up with the best pest control company in Akron.

Wishing everyone a sunny, dry and pest-free season - and give us a call at 330-724-0007 if you need professional help!

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