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Does Your Home Need a Bedbug Protection Kit?

Today, we’d like to remind you about Epcon’s new Bedbug Protection Kit, for the times when basic prevention just isn’t keeping the bugs away.

These helpful kits contain new devices to give you peace of mind. Plus, they work at home or on the road! In fact, many private home bedbug problems begin when you stay at a hotel suffering from bedbug problems.

We created our kits expressly with the desire to further reduce your worries over bed bug invasion, whether you’re on the go or at home. Because these pests are spreading to new areas and growing fast, it’s important that homeowners have the tools to fight back.

The heavy hitter in the Bed Bug Pack is FMC Professional Solutions’ brand new Verifi Bedbug Detector. This detector is a small, cream-colored box and can be set up anywhere in your house, office, or dorm. The Bedbug Lure Trap is a similar device for any room that traps the bedbugs right where they live. Finally, the Bedbug Bed Leg Monitor and Trap provides front-line defense against invaders in the most important area: your bed.

Call Epcon Lane today to receive the latest products in bed bug defense!

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