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Drain Check

In January, we talked about the annoying drain fly and the threat they pose to your restaurant, industrial kitchen, hospital, bar, or even your home kitchen. With spring around the corner, it’s time to check your drains again.

It’s important to know that sprays and chemicals do not eliminate drain fly infestations. They eliminate the adults, patching the situation for a few days, but the source of the trouble—the breeding areas in clogged drains—still exists.

Epcon Lane’s steam heat cleaning service is a non-chemical solution that tackles these breeding areas. Depending on your need, you can arrange to have the service monthly or quarterly. Locations that will especially benefit from our new service include hospitals, hotels, restaurants, bars, and industrial kitchens.

Don’t lose another customer to the buzzing flies. Call Epcon Lane today and check off one item on your early spring cleaning list.

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