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Epcon Lane: Not Just a Household Solution!

epcon lane warehouse

Epcon Lane has been honored to protect your homes from invasion for 67 years, but did you know we also service commercial sites? We service expansive clients, such as warehouses and industrial locations, as well as sensitive clients such as medical facilities and child care centers.

Today, we’d like to offer you eight tips for keeping your commercial buildings pest-free:

  1. Keep dumpster areas, basements, and crawlspaces tidy.
  2. Trim vegetation away from structures.
  3. Eliminate areas of standing water.
  4. Clean gutters, sewers, and drains.
  5. Maintain all screens to prevent rodent entry.
  6. Drain and care for office plants regularly to prevent fungus and gnats.
  7. Make sure all doors seal completely, with no compromises in the doorjam.
  8. Cover dumpsters.

Call Epcon Lane today for a complimentary pest inspection of your industrial locations!