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Fire Ants!

fire ant

If there’s one ant that can strike fear into a grown adult’s heart, it’s the fire ant. Unless you’re allergic, these little pests won’t kill you, but as a member of the “stinging ant” fraternity, they will bring some water to your eyes. If you are allergic, you should take fire ants bites as seriously as bee stings and seek immediate medical attention.

All ant bites have the potential to become irritated. Fire ant bites have an extra kick because they inject tiny amounts of venom into your body, in addition to the regular pinching and piercing associated with any animal or insect bite.

Fire ants also have a tendency to appear out of nowhere. They typically live in large colonies which are hidden in soft soil, by riverbanks, under rocks, or on the shoulders of highways. If you’re not looking, you could step in one without realizing it.

If you are bitten, the bite will swell into a painful little bump. It’s important not to scratch, because scratching can cause further irritation which may lead to infection. Scratching and irritation may also lead to scarring. Apply topical ointments, internal medicines, and other over-the-counter remedies to expedite the recovery process. Leave the bump alone and it will clear up after a  few days.

The good news for Ohioans is that fire ants prefer warm climates. Typically, they remain in the warmer states down south and out to the west. However, they can adapt to cold climates. It’s best to avoid an ant problem with any species by following our general tips for pest prevention.

If you have a fire ant problem, please take it seriously. Contact Epcon Lane immediately for advice and assistance.

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