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Fleeing from Fleas: Part 3

If your flea problem persists, add a step to your sweeping regimen:

  1. Sweep once.
  2. Use a hand sprayer to douse carpets in a flea-killing spray.
  3. Wait for carpets to dry.
  4. Sweep again. Throw away the bag when you are finished.

Flea traps can be used as a supplementary defense. They lure fleas onto sticky inserts with an electric light that gives off heat. These are not effective by themselves, but they help in tandem with your regular sweeping and washing.

To proactively prevent a flea problem, follow these steps:

  • Buy a monthly flea treatment for your pets—especially outdoor pets. In northeast Ohio, the height of flea season is summer and into the fall. Because we have not had multiple frosts yet, continue to treat your pets through the end of November. You should resume treatment in March or April, depending on how quickly the temperatures rise.
  • Maintain pet areas: Keep catboxes clean. Pick up dog piles in your yard. Wash pet bedding before it gets unsanitary.
  • Overall, keep your house clean and in good repair. A secure foundation, sealed windows, properly stored food, and clean floors go a long way in preventing any type of pest problem.

If you just can’t conquer those fleas, call Epcon Lane today. Our technicians will turn your home into a flea-free zone!

Much thanks to California University Agriculture and Natural Resources, Illinois Department of Public Health: “Prevention of Fleas”, and Kentucky University’s College of Agriculture: “Ridding Your Home of Fleas”.