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Getting Organized & Pest Free

living room with plants

If you’re like the rest of us around the office then that means you have gotten completely hooked on “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. If not, then do yourself a favor and watch it on Netflix. The point of the show is to organize and declutter your life. Her steps are simple:

1.     Put everything into one pile

2.     Break up things into categories

3.     Keep only things that “spark joy”

4.     Discard the rest

5.     Organize what you have left

While we were going through this list, however, we noticed one crucial step missing. How do you inspect for unwanted critters while decluttering?! It is no secret that these critters like to hide in places that hold all of this clutter you are tidying up. They frequent spaces like attics, walls, crawl spaces, basements, areas behind cabinets, boxes, etc. All spaces that you are disturbing on your KonMari mission. So how do we solve this problem? Epcon Lane can help!

Don’t Waste Time on Home-Remedies

Of course, when you find them, you could handle it yourself. Squash the spider that crawls out and flush it down the toilet. Set up a mousetrap and get the little guy who ate a hole through your favorite sweater. But, most DIY home-remedies aren’t very effective, and what if there are more? Usually, when there is one pest, there are multiple pests. You have enough steps to worry about with all of your “Tidying Up”, let us handle the pests!  

Schedule Your Free Inspection Today!

If you are dealing with pests, you need the best pest control in Akron!  Thankfully for you, we have a newly redesigned program called Peace of Mind. Starting at just $29/month you can get complete home protection from all the critters that are disrupting your space like ants, cockroaches, and small rodents. We use family-friendly products, and our targeted treatments will eliminate and prevent pests from coming back. We might as well get rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy, right? So, what are you waiting for? Find your joy in an organized and pest free home. If you are in Northeast Ohio contact our experts today and schedule your free inspection!