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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Ohio

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 Although not as fast-reproducing as other insects, they can still take over your home before you realize they’re there. Even worse, they’re a difficult pest to treat without professional intervention. If you think you might be dealing with bed bugs, your best bet is to be informed about these insects and treatment options before you act. To help you take back your goodnight’s sleep, here’s an FAQ for all your bed bug concerns.

What are the Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation?

If you’re wondering how to check for bed bugs, your best bet is to inspect your mattress and linens carefully. Many companies utilize bed bug-sniffing dogs to detect these pests because bed bugs can burrow deep into furniture and fabric, making it hard for human eyes to spot them. However, these insects do leave some common calling cards. Here are common signs of bed bugs:

  • Bloodstains left on sheets and pillows.
  • Dark spots of bed bug excrement in linens and on walls.
  • Eggs resembling uncooked rice (often sticky and transparent).
  • A musty odor from the insects’ scent glands.
  • Raised, red, itchy bumps on your skin.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs in the First Place?

The most common way to get bed bugs is by them hitchhiking into your home on fabric or used furniture. Even if you’re a diligent housekeeper, you can still end up with a bed bug infestation after spending the night in a motel, riding public transport, or having your child spend the night with a friend who is dealing with a bed bug infestation. It’s easy for these pests to cling to your clothing after you come in contact with an infected area, so always be careful to inspect where you sit or sleep when traveling.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs for Good

There are a number of bed bug treatments available on the marketing. Which one you should choose depends on your home’s needs and the extent of your bed bug infestation. Although there are lots of DIY bed bug treatments on the internet, most of these will do little more than delay the problem (or, worse, expose you and your loved ones to dangerous chemicals). Professional bed bug treatments are the best choice for several reasons. First, working with trained bed bug exterminators will be safer for your home and furniture, as these technicians will have spent years administering bed bug treatments carefully and effectively. Second, professional solutions will be faster than DIY methods, keeping your bed bug infestation from spreading and saving you money in the long run. Most bed bug treatments fall under the following categories:

Chemical Sprays for Bed Bugs

Chemical treatments for bed bugs are one of the more affordable options for homeowners. They can be targeted for certain areas and are discrete, and they are generally effective when used in tandem with bed bug inspection canines, mattress encasements, and vacuuming. To be sure you get rid of bed bugs for good, follow-up treatments are usually a good practice.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

One eco-friendly and family-and-pet-friendly bed bug treatment option is a bed bug heat treatment. This process involves raising the temperature to get rid of bed bugs, as the insects cannot survive temperatures over 122 degrees Fahrenheit. While you’ll need to remove any objects at risk of melting and leave your home for the duration of the bed bug heat treatment, this treatment plan is a great choice if you want to avoid chemicals. 

Steam Treatments for Bed Bugs

Like heat, steam is another natural bed bug treatment that can eliminate all life stages of bed bugs. This treatment is particularly effective because it can destroy bed bug eggs, something that not all treatment methods will do as thoroughly. While some people may try to do this treatment themselves at home, it’s best left to professional bed bug exterminators due to the risk of burns involved when working with steam. 

Bed Bug Fumigation

Using fumigation to treat bed bugs is a good choice for large buildings, complexes, and severe bed bug infestations. It is highly effective, but it is less discrete and more complex than other options. However, fumigation can eliminate all bed bugs in one treatment, making it your best bet if you want a one-and-done solution.

If you’re struggling with bed bug treatments, our bed bug exterminators at Epcon Lane Pest Control are here to help. We offer a variety of bed bug treatments, including heat treatment, box spring and mattress easements, steam and chemical treatments, and crack and crevice treatments. Our family-and-pet safe solutions will help you get rid of bed bugs fast. Call us today at 330-724-0007 to learn more about our affordable bed bug treatments.