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How to Prevent Bees

To keep bees, wasps, and other related stinging pests away from your home, your most important objective is to eliminate the nest. To use a bee spray effectively, approach the nest at dusk, when the bees are not at their peak level of activity. Don’t hold a flashlight close to you as you spray. The light will guide the bees to you. If you are removing a honeybee nest, make sure you clean up honey residue. Otherwise, it will attract other pests into the problem area.

Once the nest is removed, you want to discourage bees and wasps from returning. You should seal all unfinished wood with paint, caulking, or other type of sealer. This will guard your home against pests that like to chew on wood, such as carpenter bees and yellow jackets. You should also remove any rotting wood.

When holding outdoor occasions, avoid letting meat and sugary substances sit in the open for long periods of time. This will attract bees hunting for their morning cup of sugar.

Bees and wasps often build nests in out of the way locations. Call Epcon Lane for a professional touch that will leave your home bee-free all summer.

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