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How To Prevent Stink Bugs

This spring as the weather breaks the adult stink bugs will be emerging from their cold weather retreats.  They will be looking for tasty crops meant for human consumption to lay their eggs and feed on.  Your indoor stink bug prevention regime begins outdoors.

Here are some environmentally sound tips for keeping them at bay:

  • Be watchful for larvae on garden leaves. Promptly remove them and discard.  If adult insects are present, shake the leaves and allow the bugs to fall into a bucket of soapy water.  They will not be able to fly out.
  • Plant sunflowers away from garden areas. Stink bugs are highly attracted to them
  • Use row covers to prevent them from landing on plants.
  • Keep outdoor lighting to a minimum. Stink bugs are attracted to light.
  • Fall preventative service helps to reduce infestation indoors.

Do you know about Epcon Lane’s new TermiPest+Total Home Protection Program? We’ll provide you with early detection as well as prevention from pesky pests.  Features include:

  • Cobweb dusting and removal from your basement and house exterior.
  • Hepa-vac removal of dead insects including spiders, millipedes & earwigs.
  • B&G TM1 termite monitoring and bait stations. These provide early termite detection.
  • Exterior insect, termite, and rodent control.
  • RTU mouse stations to provide interior protection from mice.
  • Convenient service times!
  • Pest problems in between scheduled service? No worries! There is no charge for additional service.

As always, concern for our environment and your family is our #1 priority. Using our TermiPest+ Total Home Protection Program, you can protect your home and be gentle on our planet while 50+ pests steer clear of your home!

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