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Introducing the Bed Bug Verifi Monitors

Recently, our executives attended a pest control conference. They learned about contemporary pest control practices and picked up a few new toys.

The new device we’re especially excited about is the FMC Verifi Bed Bug Detector. This small, cream colored box can detect bedbugs for up to 90 days. It uses a combination of three different attractors to lure and contain bed bugs. Unlike other devices, the Verifi is continually drawing and containing bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle, so you get constant coverage. The attractors are easily replaced after 90 days by your pest control professional.

If you would like to see a demonstration video about the Verifi, click here to visit FMC’s website.

The Verifi monitors are a new part of Epcon Lane’s pest control assistance. Stay tuned for more information  as we develop and launch our new program. Until then, if you have pest control needs, call us for informed, efficient service.