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Leslie Wyman: Winner of Athena Powerlink Award

The Athena Powerlink Award is a prestigious award given annually to a woman-owned company. The winner is awarded her own staff of experts, who consult and educate in areas she chooses.

In January 2012, Akron Ohio became the proud hometown of this year’s winner: Leslie Wyman, third-generational owner of Epcon Lane, the Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Company.

Wyman’s board is comprised of an attorney and executives from a variety of local companies, such as a social media and marketing company; a uniform and linen provider; a multi-location franchised senior care center; and an international financial advisory group.

“I am six months into the process,” Wyman said, referring to the mentorship aspect of the award, “and so far it has changed the way we conduct and evaluate our business. The group has offered advice and directions that are helping us grow and expand our corporation. I am so lucky to have been chosen and eagerly look forward to the next six months.”

Wyman has been making great strides over the last few years to bring her company–started in 1945 by her grandfather–up to the next level in the business world. As its leadership continues to benefit from the expert consultation, Epcon looks forward to contributing even more to its community.