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Pharaoh Ants

pharaoh ants

What are those little black ants and why can I not get rid of them? This is a question so many homeowners have and the answer is very simple: Pharaoh Ants. With the unseasonably warm winter we are having in Northeast Ohio, you might be seeing these sooner than normal. Since we haven’t had a thorough freeze, but we are running our heat continuously in our homes, the ants will wake up and think it is Spring.

Pharaoh ants are small, mostly black (can be tan, yellow, reddish-brown) ants that prefer to nest indoors, which is why most homeowners and business owners may experience an ant problem. It is of course best to avoid letting these ants in your house at all, because once they are in it can be difficult to get rid of them.

Pharaoh ants can get in through tiny cracks and are attracted to sweet and oily food, but will eat pretty much anything, including other insects. Once they are in your house they could multiply rapidly. They are different than other ants because they have multiple queens. They also move frequently if in contact with a repelling odor.

Getting rid of Pharaoh ants can prove to be very difficult and is usually done best when left to a professional. A lot of homeowners will think it is best to get an insecticide when in reality that is making the problem worse. The insecticide will kill off the ants that you can see, but because they can detect a hazardous smell they will report back to the queen who will then move the nest. It is also very probable that they would move to a couple different spots resulting in your house becoming increasingly infested.

To avoid the attraction of Pharaoh ants you should practice cleanliness and make sure there is never any open food lying around. If you do happen to become infested by them your best option is to call a pest control professional, like Epcon Lane, so that they can eliminate them efficiently. We will also bait in the appropriate places, which is a far more effective solution than spraying the insecticide.

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