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Prevent Ant Invasion: 4 Simple Tips

Spring is finally here! That means it’s time to protect your home from spring pests–including ants. Today, let’s remember  our four defensive tips to keep the small critters from causing a big problem:

1) Cut off points off access. Because ants are small, you need to inspect your home closely for small cracks and crevices. Keep your doors and windows in good repair. Address foundational issues.

2) Be tidy. It’s possible to never have an ant issue in your home. They enter your home primarily seeking food. If you keep your floors clean and your food contained, the ants will have no reason to visit you.

3) Know thy enemy. Different types of ants require different elimination strategies. It can be difficult to identify a given ant correctly. Consult a pest control company like Epcon Lane for advice.

4) Be thorough. If you do develop an ant problem, you need to address the source of the problem (i.e., the nest). Eliminating the ants you see with sprays or traps is a good first step. However, the ants will return if you don’t locate and remove the nest. If this is too difficult on your own, Epcon Lane is waiting and willing to help!

If you find that preventive maintenance just isn’t enough, come back on Friday to learn about our new TermiPest+ Program. Available in Stark, Summit, Medina, and Portage county, our new program will help prevent future pest problems and conquer any current problems.

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