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Protect Your Home from the Ants Marching In

ants in the kitchen

The unseasonably warm weather we’ve experienced and enjoyed in Northeast Ohio has brought early blossoms and early pest invasions. Educate yourself and protect your home.

If you want to keep the Carpenter Ants outside where they belong, take some time to walk around your home & inspect carefully. Do you have branches overhanging your roof line? Trim them back! Can you see light entering your home along your utility lines? Caulk & seal because this is both an ant & spider highway into your home.

Ants already in your kitchen & bathroom? Did you have a leaky pipe recently? How is the wax ring around the base of your toilet? A moisture damaged area creates a wonderful harborage for a nesting ant colony.

Are you a Do It Yourself (DIY) kind of home owner? The Akron/North Canton/Medina area has a variety of hardware stores that offer exterior perimeter granular applications that you can place around your home to prevent Pavement Ants &  Pharaoh Ants from moving in.

Tips from the Top:

  • Keep trees & bushes trimmed away from the house
  • Clean gutters & spouting in the spring; keep free of debris
  • Keep moisture out of crawl spaces
  • Check attics for leaks & condensation
  • Keep vegetation away from foundation
  • Inspect mulch for pest activity

Pests already inside? Not a Do it Yourself (DIY) kind of homeowner? Better call a professional. Solutions to eliminate pests are available that are environmentally friendly. Epcon Lane, The Environmental Pest Control Company, can inspect and offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions to your problems that will keep the pesticides and pests outside, where they belong! Our Home Protection Plan (HPP) is an economical solution that offers pest control prevention & elimination throughout the pest season. Call us today and find a solution that fits your needs & budget.

Residential customers, no worries, no contracts…EVER!