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Recycling Basics: Recycle

recycling bins outside

This week, we’ve learned about reducing and reusing as we take care of our planet. Today, we’ll finish our overview with a brief look at recycling.


When an item is recycled, it means it is made into something else. An item is taken to a recycling plant, sometimes called a “mill.” The mills reduce objects into raw materials and use them to make new things. For example, plastic water bottles can be melted down to make plastic park benches or even sleeping bags!

Recycling is a great thing. Many neighborhood trash systems have a recycling plan in place. Just remember that when items are recycled to become other items, there must be a market for them or they will eventually find the landfill.

Always focus on reducing and reusing. Recycling is an answer, but reduce/reuse should be your first answer.

How will you put into practice the things we’ve learned about reducing, reusing, and recycling?