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Recycling Basics: Reuse

recycling bins outside

This week we’re talking about how to live a greener life, thanks to a few simple tips. Monday we talked about reducing–eliminating a few things from your lifestyle to save you money and keep our planet cleaner.

Today, we’ll learn about reusing.


Reusing an object means you find another use for it, rather than throw it away. For example, if your lunch meat is packaged in a plastic container with a lid, don’t throw it out. Wash it and use as Tupperware. You save the landfills from one piece of plastic, and you save yourself $8 because you don’t need to buy more containers.

If you’re a crafty person, buy jelly and other pantry products in glass jars. You can reuse the jars to hold beads, paintbrushes, pencils, and other materials.

If you’re a book person, browse used bookstores. You may find a book you want used that is cheaper than a new copy, and it saves the book from a landfill. Plus, it has that wonderful aged book smell!

Once you get into the habit of reusing things when possible, you’ll find that your waste production dramatically decreases. So might your credit card bill.