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Spring Cleaning

Don't forget to add pest prevention to your checklist!

If you are anything like us, sitting at home has made you realize your home is in need of some major spring cleaning! From cleaning out your clothes, cabinets and drawers inside, to cleaning up your yard outside, there is a lot of work to be done!


Luckily, we found a great resource from Taste of Home with a room by room checklist for help with spring cleaning inside your house. The guide takes you through rooms like your entryway to your dining room, through your living room, and of course to your bedroom. It even has a checklist for your garage! You can find the checklists here.

When it comes to the outside of your house, people like to work on things like cleaning up your yard, mulching and planting around your garden, maybe adding some new outdoor furniture. All of these tasks can help make your yard ready for summer! What will also help get you ready for summer? Making sure your home is pest free!


Spring cleaning is a very common practice, but most of the time when we think of spring cleaning we think of the tasks mentioned above. We all need to add into our spring cleaning checklist, bug prevention! Nothing ruins a fresh home like a nest of wasps, a trail of ants, or a swarm of mosquitoes. 


So, while YOU have your indoor and outdoor checklist handled, let US handle the pest checklist. 

The first pests that you need to look out for this spring are carpenter bees, carpenter ants, pavement ants, and brown paper wasps. Another common pest that will be making its way into your yard soon are mosquitoes. They will show up in the next couple weeks. The best defense is to fog your yard. Fogging once a month throughout the warmer months of summer (even into fall) will prevent mosquitoes from coming into your yard. Now is the time to schedule this solution.

All of these pests are completely preventable/treatable by a service professional such as Epcon Lane! Check one item off your spring cleaning list by calling us today.


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