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Spring Cleaning: Junk Drawer Tips

To finish this week’s spring cleaning tips, we’re talking about junk drawers. Stop cringing! Before we even talk about cleaning it, realize it is okay to have a junk drawer. Everyone does–even the perfect people that live in perfect houses. (Or so they like to appear.)

In fact, having one junk drawer that serves as your catch-all is a vital key to maintaining an orderly home. The important part, however, is keeping it to one drawer.

If you periodically empty out your junk drawer, you’ll prevent a total-kitchen-takeover. All you need is a clean surface and about 15 minutes.

#1 Dump and throw.

Dump the contents onto a clean kitchen counter, table, or other work surface. Begin by throwing away all trash: stickers, labels, napkins, tissues, receipts you don’t need, expired coupons, greeting card envelopes, reminder notes, and children’s crafts.

Also throw away broken things, like dead watches, flashlights that don’t work, drained batteries, and cheap toys.

#2 Put away.

Put away the items that remain, like game pieces, keys, technology accessories, hair accessories, and office supplies.

#3 Evaluate what’s left.

If you have any remaining items, break them into categories. Do you have simple repair equipment, like upholstery glue, a screwdriver, tape, or tweezers? You could leave these things in your drawer, where they are easy to access, if they don’t already have a home. If they have a home—outside in the garage, in a tool box, in a different drawer—put them there now.

Presto! Your junk drawer is empty and ready to catch last minute items again. Do this kind of maintenance periodically and you’ll be showing off your junk drawer!