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A Stinging Pain

Summer is on the way—and so are the bees! How much do you know about the yellow jacket, a common stinging bee in northeast Ohio?

Yellow jackets refer to aggressive wasps in the Vespula and Dolichovespula genera. In northeast Ohio, they are active from May to November. Learn how to avoid them before they arrive for the summer.

Yellow jackets sting repeatedly with a long, barbed stinger. They build their homes in plants, in the corners of shady, man-made structures, and even in ground holes. Their nests are constructed of a pulpy residue, which they manufacture by chewing on wood. A fully-functioning colony can have up anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 worker books after a lifetime of just one summer. As winter arrives, the colony slowly dies, leaving the queen alone to sleep during the winter.

As territorial, aggressive wasps, yellow jackets can be an intimidating pests to handle on your own. If you prefer to have a professional brave the wasps on your behalf, call Epcon Lane today!

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