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TermiPest+ Program

Do you know about Epcon Lane’s new TermiPest+ Program? We’ll provide you with early detection as well as prevention from pesky pests.  Features include:

  • Cobweb dusting and removal from your basement and house exterior.
  • Hepa-vac removal of dead insects.
  • B&G TM1 termite monitoring and bait stations. These provide early termite detection.
  • Exterior insect, termite, and rodent control.
  • RTU mouse stations to provide interior protection from mice.
  • Convenient service times!
  • Pest problems in between service times? No worries! There is no charge for additional service.

As always, concern for our environment and your family is our #1 priority. Using our TermiPest+ Program, you can protect your home and be gentle on the environment as 50+ pests steer clear of your home!

Mention this blog and save $50 on our five-star TermiPest+ program.

*TermiPest+ Program now available in Summit, Stark, Medina and Portage counties.