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Termites…Small Pest, Big Problems

Purchasing a home is the largest investment that most people will make in their lifetime.  It can be very exciting, as well as overwhelming dealing with banks and working with an agent to find just the right home.  And with so many details to keep straight there is one detail that should make it onto every purchaser’s short list… a WDI inspection.   Not all banks require a Wood Destroying Insect inspection to be performed prior to purchasing a home, and unfortunately a house with a termite infestation may appear the same as a termite free one.

Termites and other wood boring insects can cause significant damage from the inside out, going unnoticed for years.

  • In the U.S. $5 billion is spent on repair and control costs related to termites.
  • An average homeowner will spend $3000 to repair damage done to their home
  • Most homeowner policies do not cover repairs.
  • New home buyers should always have a WDI performed prior to purchase to protect their investment.
  • Current homeowners who want to maintain the value of their home should have a monitoring system in place to alert them of infestations.

The state of Ohio requires that a WDI Inspector  be licensed when providing a WDI pest inspection.   They can advise you on potential damaged areas, set monitors for termite activity and help safeguard your home and investment.  A minimal investment now may save thousands in the future.

Epcon Lane offers Total Home Protection programs that include:

  • Termite alert monitoring systems.
  • Termite baiting & elimination systems.
  • Protection from 50+ pests.
  • Reduction programs for stinkbugs, spiders & mosquitoes.

Our next article will feature tips for termite prevention.

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