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Ticks: the Best Defense is a Good Offense

When it comes to pests like ticks, the best defense is a good offense! So what exactly does that mean for you? That means being fully prepared when you know you’re going to be in an environment where ticks are present. 

The fall leaves are beautiful right now and the air is just brisk enough which means this is ideal hiking weather! If you are going to be out in the woods hiking then ticks are of course going to be around you. To try and protect yourself from ticks when you are hiking then be sure to wear long pants, fully covered shoes, and socks that cover at least your ankles. By doing this, you are covering as much skin as possible therefore not allowing the ticks to attach to your skin. Another way to protect yourself from ticks is to use a tick repellent spray. A new change has been made within the last few years and companies are now putting a label on their bottles to show you how long the repellent spray will last. A typical time for tick repellent is around 6 hours, so be sure to reapply when necessary. (source

Many people are aware that ticks can be found in places like the woods or in extremely high grass, but did you know that ticks can also be in low grass like what’s in your backyard? Always be sure to check for ticks when you have been outdoors, your own yard included.

So how exactly do you check for ticks? Be sure to check all of your clothes to see if there are any hanging on. Also check all parts of your body, but especially between joints (elbows, knees, etc.) and anywhere with hair because ticks love dark places! (source) Ticks can be as small as a poppyseed so look closely! Don’t forget to check your furry friends for ticks as well.

If you happen to find a tick, don’t panic. You can simply use tweezers, get as close as possible to the base, and pull. Be sure not to squeeze! If in a safe area, you can also light a match, blow it out and then place the hot end on the tick. This will loosen up the tick allowing you to easily pull it’s body out of the skin. 

By following these helpful tips you can explore the outdoors with your mind at ease! Check out the Summit Metro Parks 50th Annual Fall Hiking Spree going on now through November 30th. 

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