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Tips for Avoiding Fruit Flies

fruit flies

Fruit flies can be a year round problem, but they are especially problematic in late spring early fall when we start enjoying the fruits of our labor in the garden. Those delicious fruits and vegetables we will be bringing indoors appeal to fruit flies since they are attracted to ripened and/or fermented produce.

Tips For Avoiding Fruit Flies Indoors

Once you have an infestation of fruit flies the problem is very difficult to eradicate since in their lifetime (7-10 days) they can lay about 500 eggs. So in this case, prevention can save a lot of headaches:

  • Produce brought into the home should be washed and promptly stored in the refrigerator when appropriate.
  • Routinely wipe down counter tops and resist the temptation to leave dishes unwashed in the sink.
  • Regularly wash and empty trash cans.
  • Be sure that window and door screens are in good condition without holes and properly sealed.
  • Make sure items added to recycling bins are thoroughly washed and store out in a garage if possible.
  • Maintain drains with a bacterial digester product.

If an infestation does occur, follow these steps until you find the source.

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