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What’s the Buzz on Yellow Jackets?

yellow jacket

Summer is in fact here (even if we’re not quite feeling the heat in Northeast Ohio) and the bees are buzzing! While we love our honey bees, sometimes it’s a little more difficult to feel the same way about it’s relative, the yellow jacket. The following blog you will learn specific facts about yellow jackets, as well as how to prevent them and get rid of them!
How to spot a Yellow Jacket:

Compared to bees, yellow jackets are slimmer in size & fold their wings back when at rest
They prey on other insects and also love human food unlike our pollen loving friends
Black and yellow or black and white

The German Yellow Jacket is the breed most likely found in the Midwest. This breeds loves residing in enclosed structures so look out for nests in places like wall voids, attics, crawlspaces, and cracks or crevices around the exterior of buildings. Their nests can also be found in the ground in places like rodent burrows, etc. Be sure to check for their nests before doing any yard work because their stinging occurs when they are aggravated. It’s also possible that you could find a yellow jacket nest hanging, but these are less aggressive.

One main spot yellow jackets can always be found is around trash cans. Be sure to keep a lid on your garbage at all times and to empty the container often so there is not a build up enticing the yellow jackets. If you do suspect that you have yellow jacket nests then try to spot where they are coming from so it is easier to kill the source. There are ways to get rid of the nests with at home treatments, and if you are going to attempt this be sure to do so at night as yellow jackets have a hard time seeing without daylight.

Of course the best treatment for these pests is to call a trained professional. Epcon Lane offers treatment options so be sure to give us a call if you think you have yellow jackets. Nothing ruins a summer picnic like an infestation of yellow jackets and guests getting stung!