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bumble bee

If you have not heard, BEES are in trouble! I know some of you may be thinking, ” good! No more getting stung!” While you may think that bees can be a nuisance to us, they are actually extremely crucial to our survival. Did you know that bees are responsible for 1 in 3 bites of food we eat! That of course includes honey, but we have bees to thank for all the other crops that grow too.

A new edition to the endangered list is the Rusty Patch Bumble Bee. They were added March 27, 2017. They have found that “the rusty patched bumble bee is likely to be present in scattered locations that cover only about 0.1% of the species’ historical range.” Around 20 years ago the rusty patched bumble bee was so common you would not have even noticed it flying from flower to flower to pollinate. Now, it is the first ever bumble bee in the United States to be declared on the brink of extinction.

As a company, Epcon Lane will not be killing any rusty patch bumble bees and you can help too. Plant flowers! Plant any of your own that you prefer from spring to fall. Many companies too are dedicated to help saving the bees. Honey Nut Cheerios will send you a free packet of wild flower seeds when you go onto their website to save the bees! We know that bees can sometimes get a bad rep, but they truly are a friend to us and we need to help keep them around for years to come!