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What's the Buzz on Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter Bee

Those large, round bees you have seen flying around may look the most intimidating, but in reality, they are the most harmless! The most harmless to a human that is, to your wood structures, that’s a different story!


Carpenter bees look very similar to a honey bee at first glance in that it is black, yellow, and fuzzy. However, a carpenter bee actually lacks yellow markings on their abdomen. Carpenter bees are also normally a lot larger and more round than a honey bee. This is why they can be so intimidating to a human, but typically they do not care about stinging!


You will more than likely see carpenter bees around wood structures like swing sets, porches and decks, frames, eaves, etc. They are unlike most bees in that they do not care about being social. They do not live in hives like we think about with “normal” bees, instead building solo spaces to live.


So how do you know if a carpenter bee is infesting your wood? Simple! You will see small, round holes throughout your wood. You will more than likely spot the bee itself hanging around those holes too.

Carpenter bee prevention is possible by sealing cracks and crevices, and also staining or painting your wood can help too. Sometimes they will still attack a wood that is stained or painted, so that is not a guarantee. Do not worry though, because carpenter bees are easy to get rid of for a professional like the ones found at Epcon Lane! 


If you suspect you have a carpenter bee infestation, call us today at 330-724-0007, or text us at 330-642-4470.


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