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Where Do Pests Go During Winter?

Winter house in Ohio

Throughout the year, during warmer weather, insects and pests move about freely. You may even catch a glimpse of some of the shyest pests during warm weather; however, many pests disappear during the winter months.

Common pests have a variety of ways to weather the winter - from escaping our chilly Ohio climate completely, to hibernation, to appearing uninvited in your home!  

Some Head South for the Winter

Monarch butterflies are famous for their migration south to warmer climates. These insects choose to survive the winter simply by avoiding it! While some, like the Monarch butterflies, journey many miles to avoid cold temperatures; others only need to travel a few inches. Some aquatic bugs will wait out cold winter weather at the bottom of ponds. Others will do the same, burrowing into soil below frost layers. 

Other common insects that migrate for the winter, include:

  • Dragonflies
  • Leafhoppers
  • Milkweed bugs

Some Hibernate

Lots of insects enter a stage called diapause during the winter. This stage is similar to hibernation. Insects receive cues for sleep from the length of time the sun is out.

Some of the insects that hibernate include:

  • Emerald ash borers
  • Wooly bear caterpillars
  • Yellowjackets
  • Paper wasps

Some Brave the Cold

While it may seem significantly less "buggy" out during winter months - and it is! - there are still a few insects that brave the cold temperatures throughout the dead of winter. 

Insects like springtails, moths, mites, and a few species of beetles can reduce their water content or replace water molecules in their cells with a substance known as glycerol. This substance acts as an organic anti-freeze to protect pests from being damaged by the cold. 

Some Seek Warmth Inside your Home

Stink bugs, boxelder bugs, ladybugs and cluster flies seek out attics and wall voids to spend the winter months. These bugs cluster in masses in these areas and are often responsible for asthma flare-ups in susceptible individuals.

Don't Let Your Home Become a Winter Sanctuary for Pests

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When you call on Epcon Lane for help, we develop an individualized plan to eradicate problem pests, even in the winter. Learn more about our residential pest control services in Northeast Ohio. 

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