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Your Guide to Spiders in Ohio this Fall

Finding unwanted Halloween decor? Spiders are a nuisance especially when found in your home. Take precautions this fall to keep your home and lawn clean once it gets cooler outside!

What are common spiders in Ohio during the fall?

  • House Funnel Weaver
  • Triangle-Bearing Orbweaver
  • Cross spider
  • Bull-Headed Sac spider
  • Grass spider

Ohio has over 600 different species of spiders, but there are a few common spiders that can be found on your lawn or in your home when fall begins. The House Funnel Weaver is a spider that can be commonly found in Ohio year-round. The remaining four spiders are most common during months of September-November. Most spiders are harmless and simply decide that becoming your neighbor or roommate is a good idea. A lot of the time, spider invite themselves inside because of the things around your home or on your lawn. If you have compost, piles of leaves, or random items lying around your lawn, spiders will find it attractive. It may even attract them to come inside your home.

How can I tell if a spider bites?

The House Funnel Weaver, Bull-Headed Sac, and Grass spiders all bite. The House Funnel Weaver can be recognized by the web, which is funnel-shaped (hence the name). Although this spider can bite, it typically does not.

On the other hand, the Bull-Headed Sac spiders do typically bite humans. This is the case because they more than often hide in small nooks, like gloves. If you see a rusted color spider with a pale abdomen tucked away, you found one!

Grass spiders have a darker shell color and two stripes. Similar to the House Funnel Weaver, the grass spider has a funnel-shaped web. Their web is normally outside and close to the ground.

Being bitten by any of these spiders can be painful, but not deadly. Oftentimes, being bitten is a spider’s act of self defense and can be avoided.

What can I do to prevent spiders from living in my home?

Although weather is nice in the fall, keeping your windows and doors open can allow spiders to easily walk in. If all of these are closed, check to see if there are any small cracks around your home and seal them! Typically, spiders are attracted to creating webs in dark, desolate, and uninterrupted areas. Making sure spots like these in your home are dusted and clean can make all the difference. At Epcon Lane, we can help you take preventative measures to avoid future pest problems.

How do I get rid of the spiders?

Normally a spider is most interested in catching their next meal. This being said, they only bite when they think they are in danger. Although typically harmless, getting rid of them to keep your home pest-free is a popular option. Dusting, removing webs when found, and vacuuming can help rid your place of spiders.

If you don’t know where to start or the measures you’re taking aren’t enough, contact us! At Epcon Lane, our professional exterminators will create a plan to efficiently and safely remove all your unwanted pests. Call 330-724-0007 or get a free estimate today!

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