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Our Pest Control Blog

Looking for the latest in pest control news and expert tips to keep pests away from your home or business? You’ve come to the right place! 

How to Prevent Bees

To keep bees, wasps, and other related stinging pests away from your home, your most important objective is to...Read more

A Stinging Pain

Summer is on the way—and so are the bees! How much do you know about the yellow jacket, a common stinging bee in...Read more

TermiPest+ Program

Do you know about Epcon Lane’s new TermiPest+ Program? We’ll provide you with early detection as well as prevention...Read more
fire ant

Fire Ants!

If there’s one ant that can strike fear into a grown adult’s heart, it’s the fire ant. Unless you’re allergic, these...Read more

Avoid the Ants!

If your home or place of business experiences an ant invasion, here’s three simple steps to help you tackle the problem...Read more