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Peace of Mind PREMIERE

You shouldn’t have to go through life with unwanted pests. Here at Epcon Lane, our team of trained professionals can handle all of your pest and termite needs for you.

Our comprehensive Peace of Mind PREMIERE package is our most complete protection plan, shielding your home from pests and termites in and around your home. We’ve bundled our pest control and termite protection services to provide you with our most advanced pest control package.

Experience Ultimate Protection, Starting at $59/Month

With Peace of Mind PREMIERE, you’ll get the best of our eco-friendly, results-focused pest and termite protection services, giving you total control. We bring our world-class techniques for detecting, eliminating and preventing pests to the table. For eco-friendly, fast and convenient protection, year-round – there’s Peace of Mind PREMIERE.

Defeat Pests For Good

Some pests are simply too stubborn to handle alone. Peace of Mind PREMIERE gives you indoor and outdoor protection, customized to your home and needs.

We defend you against:  

  • Ants
  • Earwigs
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Wasps and bees
  • Termites
  • And more!

Our most complete pest coverage option is specially designed to ensure your family’s comfort indoors and out, all while preventing damage to the foundation and structure of your home. Each quarterly treatment offers a thorough inspection, termite monitoring, and exterior treatments with indoor winter treatment, all delivered by certified pest professionals.

Why Epcon Lane?

If you’re in need of a pest control plan that does it all, Peace of Mind PREMIERE is it. Preventing serious damage to your home and its foundation and keeping pests out of your kitchen, closets, or the walls of your home has never been so hassle-free. With Epcon Lane, you get 100% pest protection from a team of highly-skilled local experts.

When you sign on for Peace of Mind PREMIERE, you’re not just getting the best techniques and treatments; you’re getting the best pest control services from a team that truly cares about you, your home, and your family. We’ve spent the last 70 years building a name for ourselves, centered on high quality services that get results, and high quality customer service that speaks for itself.

Protect your home from pests and termites today!

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