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The Best Pest Control in Avon Lake Starting at $29/Month

Your home is a place for you and your loved ones, not pests. Our technicians are friendly and expertly trained, our services are fast and effective. Let us make pests a thing of the past.

Environmentally Friendly

We take an eco-friendly approach. Our treatments are designed to be tough on pests, but gentle on the environment.

100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We're proud to bring you professional services that are proven to work!

Same Day Service

We understand convenience is important for you. That is why we offer same day, hassle-free services when you call before noon.

Super nice people, very knowledgeable, and professional service.  Thank you, Epcon Lane, for always being there when we need you!


Pest Control in Avon Lake

When you see pests in your home, you immediately want them out, and we want to help. That’s why we offer same-day treatment plans, or next day if that’s what works best for you. Our Avon Lake pest control services are designed to be hassle-free, getting you back to enjoying a pest-free home as soon as possible. We’ll help you eliminate a variety of pests, including:

  • Ants

  • Fleas

  • Roaches

  • Spiders

  • Rodents

  • Stinging Insects including bees, wasps, and yellow jackets among others

  • And more!

Our Pest Control Packages

Peace of Mind

With a Peace of Mind package from Epcon Lane, you get complete protection from common household pests!Learn More

Peace of Mind PLUS

All the benefits of the POM Program, with the added bonus of interior flea treatments and Early Termite Monitoring stations.Learn More

Peace of Mind Plus GREEN

All the benefits of the POM+ Program with the added bonus of organic-only products.Learn More

Peace of Mind PREMIERE

All the benefits of the POM+ Program with the added bonus of our comprehensive Termite Prevention Program.Learn More

Tough on Pests, Safe For Your Family

Getting rid of pests shouldn’t require you to put your family’s health at risk. Our pest control in Avon Lake is not only fast and effective, but also safe. All products we use are EPA-approved and thoroughly tested before they go anywhere near your home. Our plan of action to eliminate pests is built on reactive and preventative measures which has using pesticides inside as a last resort. When they do have to be used, our Avon Lake exterminators contain pesticides to only the areas they’re absolutely necessary, minimizing the likelihood of contact with a wandering child or pet.

Custom Protection Plan For Your Home

Every house and every infestation are different, which is why our Avon Lake exterminators have been trained on how to assess and eliminate your unique pest problem. Whether you have the beginnings of an issue or a full-blown infestation, our experts can detect the warning signs while performing a thorough inspection of your property. Then they craft a tailor-made plan to eliminate all existing pests, while also preventing future ones from invading, keeping you and your loved ones protected.

Rodent Control in Avon Lake

Rodents are stubborn pests who hide deep in your home, making it difficult to locate and eliminate them. To properly remove and infestation, and keep it gone, you need professional rodent control in Avon Lake. That’s where we come in! With over 75 years of experience under our belt, there’s no one more reliable than the experts at Epcon Lane.


Protect Your Home From Rodent Infestations

When rodents invade your home, they’re more than just annoying—they’re also dangerous. They can easily destroy the drywall in your home, letting them chew through the insulation and wires behind it. This puts your home at risk for a damaging electrical fire. Rodents can also spread dozens of dangerous diseases, including hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and salmonellosis. With the experts at Epcon Lane on your side, however, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Our rodent control in Avon Lake will eliminate rats and mice, keeping your home and loved ones safe.


Stop Worrying with Reliable Rodent Treatments

As homeowners ourselves, we know how stressful a rodent infestation can be, which is why we’re always willing to go above and beyond for our customers to make your experience as hassle-free as possible. When you trust us for all your Avon Lake rodent control needs, you can expect:

  • EPA-approved products to keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • Preventative and reactive treatments to meet your specific needs.
  • Same day service so you never have to wait for much-needed relief.
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure rodents are gone for good.

A Pest Free Home Shouldn't Cost You An Arm and a Leg!

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