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The Best Pest Control in Bay Village Starting at $29/Month

Dealing with pests can be very frustrating – we get it! With the help of Epcon Lane and our knowledgeable technicians, you can enjoy a home free of pests again. Join forces with us today for an effective solution!

Environmentally Friendly

We take an eco-friendly approach. Our treatments are designed to be tough on pests, but gentle on the environment.

100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We're proud to bring you professional services that are proven to work!

Same Day Service

We understand convenience is important for you. That is why we offer same day, hassle-free services when you call before noon.

Super nice people, very knowledgeable, and professional service.  Thank you, Epcon Lane, for always being there when we need you!


Pest Control in Bay Village

Discovering pests in your home is never pleasant since they bring along the threat of disease and damage. Your home should be a place of comfort for you and your family. If you act fast with our Bay Village exterminators, you can avoid the hassle of repair costs. Here at Epcon Lane, we offer pest control in Bay Village that will provide you with quick, effective elimination and the return of your peace of mind. Invest in defense against pests today and we will provide pest control services, including:

  • Flea control
  • Ant control
  • Rodent control
  • Spider control
  • Roach control
  • Stinging insect control
  • And more!

Our Pest Control Packages

Peace of Mind

With a Peace of Mind package from Epcon Lane, you get complete protection from common household pests!Learn More

Peace of Mind +

All the benefits of the POM Program, with the added bonus of interior flea treatments and Early Termite Monitoring stations.Learn More

Peace of Mind + Termite

All the benefits of the POM+ Program with the added bonus of our comprehensive Termite Prevention Program.Learn More

Peace of Mind Green

All the benefits of our POM Program with the added bonus of organic-only products.Learn More

Peace of Mind + Mosquito

All the benefits of the POM+ Program, with the added bonus of mosquito reduction.Learn More

Pest Defense with Long-Term Benefits

When our exterminators in Bay Village implement our pest control, they utilize EPA-approved and organic-based products that have been highly tested. Not only do our exterminators use top of the line products but they also implement methods that are proven to result in long-term pest elimination. We do this by taking preventative measures after exterminating current all threats. Here’s what else we’ll do for you when you entrust us with your Bay Village pest control needs:

  • Create a treatment plan customized to your home because we know that every home and every pest invasion is different.
  • Implement treatment to be minimally invasive. We will do what we can to use eco-friendly products instead of chemical formulas.
  • Take preventative measures to ensure that a pest infestation does not occur in your home again.
  • Provide same-day service because we understand the urgency of pest removal!

Redeem $250 Off Our Total Home Protection+

Rodent Control in Bay Village

Few pests require urgent attention quite like rodents. They’re sneaky, clever, and can cause damage disproportionate to their small stature once they get comfortable in your home. Mice, rats, and other rodents can be difficult pests to deal with as they hide in difficult-to-reach areas of your home but, at Epcon Lane, our local rodent exterminators are wise to their tricks. Our rodent control in Bay Village won’t leave you high and dry. We offer multiple Peace of Mind Packages, each of which is designed to provide long-term rodent protection at an approachable price. We’re confident that you’ll notice a difference when you choose us.

With Epcon Lane’s rodent control in Bay Village, you’ll receive:

  • A meticulous in-home inspection conducted by a local rat and mice exterminator. 
  • A rodent control plan that’s been specifically designed to meet your needs.
  • The exclusive use of family-friendly, EPA-approved products that ensure your family’s safety as well as swift rodent elimination. 
  • Our 100% guarantee that rodents won’t return on our watch!

Keeping Your Family Safe From Rodents

While a rodent-free home sounds nice, rodent control in Bay Village is far from a luxury. Mice and rats are effective disease spreaders so, when they show up in your home, swift action is necessary. Rodents can carry some truly nasty diseases like Hantavirus, Plague, Salmonella, Lyme Disease, and Rat Bite Fever, among many others. Don’t let rodents endanger your loved ones for another moment. Call Epcon Lane today!

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Termite Treatment in Bay Village

Termites cause over $5 billion in damages to homes nationwide each year, making them the most destructive pest. To make matters worse, most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termite damage, leaving you to pay for the repairs out-of-pocket. While that may sound overwhelming, you don’t have to face termites alone. Our termite treatment in Bay Village is designed to treat existing infestations and prevent future ones to give you long-term protection.

Family-Friendly Termite Control

A single termite colony can house thousands of workers, making it difficult to properly eliminate them on your own. To make sure the job gets done right the first time, trust our termite treatment in Bay Village. In addition to being effective, our products are also family-friendly and environmentally responsible. If you’re looking for a safe way to get rid of termites, look no further than Epcon Lane.

When you partner with us for termite treatment in Bay Village, we will:

  • Perform a thorough inspection of your property, scouring for signs of termites and checking common entry points.
  • Use our findings to tailor our termite treatment to your home’s unique needs, ensuring you receive the most efficient care possible.
  • Strategically install cellulose bait stations that lead termites away from your home, preventing further damage.
  • Regularly monitor your property for evidence of termite activity and take action before they can damage your home.


Bed Bug Treatment in Bay Village

Northeast Ohio is a regrettably popular bed bug destination but, before you lose hope altogether, Epcon Lane can help. If bed bugs are disrupting your sleep you need to call a professional exterminator. We’ve treated homes across Northeast Ohio for over 75 years and offer fast, family-friendly treatments that you can count on to work. 

When you choose Epcon Lane, you can expect:

  • Bed bug removal plans designed to meet your unique needs. 
  • Service within 24 hours.
  • Steam and chemical treatments that target cracks, crevices, and other tight spaces where bed bugs hide.
  • Heat treatments to eliminate bed bugs in an entire room. 
  • Follow-up visits.
  • And more!

Your Peace of Mind Matters to Us

Our goal when we treat your home is to restore your family’s peace of mind. We know the stress and anxiety that comes with a bed bug infestation and strive to make sure to resolve it as quickly as we can. Any pest control company you decide to work with should put you first which is exactly why we’re so confident you’ll be an Epcon Lane customer for life!

Save $100 on Our Peace of Mind Package

Trustworthy Local Services

With 75 years of service under our belt, we’re confident in the services our Bay Village exterminators provide. As a family-owned and operated business, we place great emphasis on providing friendly and professional services that blow you away – every time. When you team up with us for pest control in Bay Village you team up with a family that’s ready to go the extra mile for you and your family’s safety. If you think your home is under attack by pests, call us! Our trusted team of local experts will always be here to help.

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