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The Best Pest Control in Westlake Starting at $29/Month

There’s nothing as disruptive as a pest infestation in your home. Dangerous and destructive, pests can rob you of your time, money, sleep, and peace of mind. Don’t let them! With Epcon Lane, you’ll have access to pest control in Westlake backed by over 75 years of experience.

Super nice people, very knowledgeable, and professional service.  Thank you, Epcon Lane, for always being there when we need you!


Pest Control in Westlake

If you’re dealing with pests problems, you’re not alone. Here in Ohio, there are a variety of native pests that can damage your property and health, overtake your home, and generally ruin your day. Fortunately, Epcon Lane is here to help. For the last seven decades, we’ve been providing high quality pest control in Westlake at affordable prices to people like you. We can treat for a variety of local pests:

  • Ants
  • Stinging insects
  • Rodents
  • Spiders
  • Fleas
  • Roaches
  • And more!

Call us today at 330-724-0007 and get ready to give pests the boot!

Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions for Your Safety

Pest control in Westlake can be stressful if you don’t have the expertise you need. Some store-bought and DIY solutions not only do little to fix the problem, but also they can expose you and your loved ones to dangerous chemicals. With Epcon Lane, you’ll get Westlake pest control that is EPA-approved and eco-friendly for the health and safety of your family and our planet. We also practiced Integrated Pest Management techniques to make sure our treatments have minimal impact and are reduced risk. That’s the security you deserve with your Westlake pest control. 

Save $100 on Our Peace of Mind Pest Package Today!

To get pest control in Westlake that gets the job done, you need recurring treatments that get pests out and keep them gone—for good! With Epcon Lane, you’ll have a choice of Westlake pest control packages. Our standard Peace of Mind package starts at $39/month 
For a little more than the price of taking the family to the movies, you can secure your home against pests. Your home is worth that investment. Why wait? If you call now, you can even save $100 on your Peace of Mind package!

Save $100 on Our Peace of Mind Package

Guaranteed Service You Can Trust

You deserve to know that your Westlake pest control will get results. With Epcon Lane, that will never be a worry thanks to our satisfaction guarantee: if your pests return between treatments, just let us know and one of our friendly Westlake exterminators will be out to set the problem right in no time. Reliable, effective, and affordable? That’s the pest control in Westlake that you deserve.

Get Quality Pest Control Today!


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