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How Dangerous Are Yellow Jackets In Akron?

yellow jacket nest in the eaves of a house

Akron is in the full swing of summer, where residents are adjusted to the heat and new schedules. If your summer plans include picnics or outdoor gatherings of any kind, it’s likely you have worried about yellow jackets bothering your guests. When eating food of any kind outdoors, these uninvited stinging guests seem unavoidable, and their sting can pack a heavy punch. 

Luckily, we have your back at Epcon Lane Pest Control. If you are worried about yellow jackets invading your Akron property this summer, give Epcon Lane a call. We will inspect your home, safely remove any active nests, and treat against persisting concerns. Our technicians exclusively use EPA-approved chemical treatments. We started our company in Akron in 1945, and our technicians have been using minimum pesticides for maximum results ever since. 

Identifying Yellow Jackets: Characteristics & Behaviors

The aptly-named yellow jacket has a yellow and black patterned head and abdomen, with six legs and a wasp-like appearance. Because this insect is likely to sting when threatened, it is critical homeowners educate themselves against the dangers of yellow jackets to avoid any dangerous encounters.

Like many wasps, yellow jackets are social insects who belong to colonies. They are most active during late summer to early fall, when their colony is at its peak with up to 4,000 workers. Yellow jackets feed on sweets and proteins, making it highly likely the stinging insect invades your next picnic or cookout.

Akron Neighbors: Remain Vigilant Against The Dangers Of Yellow Jackets

Whether you are allergic to yellow jackets or not, no one wants to be attacked by one. Yellow jackets are aggressive pests who are territorial by nature, and known to sting multiple times. These stings can cause allergic reactions in some humans, landing more than half a million people in the emergency room every year. 

Due to how dangerous yellow jackets are, it is important to rely on the professionals to remove any nest on your property that you suspect belongs to yellow jackets. At Epcon Lane Pest Control, our technicians have the appropriate gear, treatments, and knowledge to make your home a more comfortable, worry-free space. 

How Can I Prevent Yellow Jackets In My Akron, OH Yard?

As stated above, it is important to call licensed pest professionals to inspect any nest you may find on your property. Yellow jackets are extremely territorial and have the ability to sting more than once.

However, if you are looking to get ahead of the curve, read on! Epcon Lane Pest Control has the following four simple tips in arming your summer against yellow jackets:

  • Remove garbage frequently, and keep all trash properly secured in the interim.

  • When possible, avoid leaving uncovered food or drink in the yard for a prolonged period of time.

  • Ensure all screens in windows and doors are intact in order to prevent yellow jackets from entering your home.

  • Avoid sweet-smelling perfumes. Yellow jackets may also be attracted to the scent of alcohol, especially if it is high in added sugar. 

Homeowners Concerned About Yellow Jackets, Call The Pros!

Akron, OH residents concerned about yellow jackets in their yard this summer can rely on Epcon Lane Pest Control for all their removal and prevention needs. Our technicians are experts in the field, bringing a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all serviced properties. 

Epcon Lane Pest Control is committed to treating your property with products that are safe to the environment. In fact, we consider using insecticides as a very last resort. No matter your pest control, the experts at Epcon Lane Pest Control can help you solve it guilt-free, in no time!

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