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Don't Let The Bald-Faced Hornets In Akron Keep You Inside This Summer

bald faced hornet on wood

Hornets are the tough, aggressive cousins of bees. They are one of the stinging insects most of us dread seeing at a backyard barbecue or pool party. You may be surprised to learn that hornets are one of the many types of wasps that call North America home. Learning how to spot these pests and keep them away with professional stinging insect control in Akron will ensure that your summer plans are never compromised.

Is This A Bald-Faced Hornet?

Bald-faced hornets are relatively large, with queens measuring up to almost an inch long. While their bodies are predominantly black, their heads are primarily white. This juxtaposition between the dark body and white head is from where their name derives. Bald-faced hornets also possess a venomous stinger. Their stingers are smooth rather than barbed, which allows them to sting repeatedly in quick succession. Bald-faced hornets are highly aggressive and attack anything they perceive as a threat or annoyance. Allergic reactions in humans are rare but may happen, in which case it is best to seek medical attention.

Bald-faced hornets are social creatures that live within a rigid hierarchy. Their colonies can contain hundreds of insects, each with a job to do. The queen is at the top of the social ladder, with workers in the middle and drones on the bottom rung. Bald-faced hornets are most active during the daytime and prefer the warmth of spring and summer. 

Ways To Deter Bald-Faced Hornets In Akron

With their large numbers, massive nests, and aggressive nature, it is no wonder why Akron residents would want to be rid of Bald-faced hornets as soon as possible. It is essential to remember that a professional should always conduct Bald-faced hornet removal, as these hornets tend to swarm. The best thing homeowners can do is prevent bald-faced hornets from sheltering on your property in the first place. 

Some bald-faced hornet prevention tips include:

  • Keeping food covered and put away
  • Sealing any cracks or holes in the structure
  • Avoid wearing strong fragrances
  • Keep your lawn free of clutter and trash

While these tips may help keep boldfaced hornets at bay, what if they have already made a home on your property? Finding the nest and getting rid of them for good with the help of pest control experts are the best next steps.

Where Is The Bald-Faced Hornets Nest On My Property?

Bald-faced hornets build paper-like nests in which to live. Unlike most hornets, the cells within the bald-faced hornet nest are entirely enclosed. The bald-faced hornets chew wood and mix the wood pulp with their saliva to create a paste. This paste is used to construct the walls of their nests. These nests can be over one foot in diameter and over two feet long! Every spring, the colony will build a new nest. It s most common to find nests in the spring and summer. Bald-faced hornets usually build their nests a few feet from the ground, typically in trees, roofs, lamp posts, and telephone poles. 

Professional Pest Control To Help With Bald-Faced Hornets

A professional pest control team is the only safe way to remove bald-faced hornets from your Akron property. Fortunately for Akron residents, home pest control in Akron is made easy with Epcon Lane Pest Control. Epcon Lane Pest Control is a full-service pest control company dedicated to serving Akron residents. We offer safe, effective residential and commercial pest management solutions to keep your Akron home or business a safe and comforting space for you and your family. With decades of experience, we can guarantee a solution to your pest problem. Give Epcon Lane Pest Control a call today to keep your home and summer hornet free!

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