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Are The Spiders In Akron, OH Hard To Get Rid Of?

a black widow spider crawling in its web at night

You could have some unwanted house guests, and they're not of the typical variety. In Akron, spiders often make their way into homes and businesses. Even though most spiders aren't harmful to humans, they create messy webs and are a nuisance. But are they hard to get rid of?

The Spiders In Akron

All Akron spiders can be difficult to kick out once they end up inside your home. However, it would be best if you still familiarized yourself with the types of spiders in Akron. The house funnel weaver is a common invader and is easy to identify by its hairy legs and dark banding. Meanwhile, the barn spider is easier to notice by its behavior. This spider jumps up and down when it senses a threat.

Fortunately, the spiders above are harmless. But there are two spiders in the area that can cause serious harm - black widows and brown recluses. If you see a jet-black spider with a red hourglass in your Akron home, you're looking at a black widow. A brown recluse is brown and hairy and often confused for a wolf spider. But a brown recluse has a violin marking, which the wolf spider lacks.

Whatever spider you have in your home, it's probably not welcome. And once spiders are indoors, they may not be eager to leave.

Why It's Difficult To Get Rid Of Spiders

If you find multiple spiders in your home, you have a bigger problem than you think. You can try to kick out the spiders you see, but they'll just come back. You need to address the real issue, which is probably another pest problem.

Spiders only venture into homes when there is plenty of food available. Therefore, spotting spiders inside means, you have other insects around. Until you address the pest problem, you'll continue to have spiders. Accomplishing this may sound easier than it actually is.

Another challenge with eliminating spiders is that you might not be able to find out where they're entering your home. Because spiders are small, they could be getting in through small cracks or gaps. As much as you try to knock down webs and remove spiders, they can continue to enter your home.

Tips For Spider Prevention

It's much easier to prevent spiders than it is to eliminate them. Rather than try to get rid of spiders, you should take measures to keep them out of your property. This means storing your trash in sealed bags and containers. If you have an open trash can, you have food available to insects.

It's equally essential to store your food in glass or plastic sealed containers. If you notice crumbs in your pantry, clean them out. The cleaner your home, the less food there will be for insects. Every so often, do a deep clean and remove crumbs from under your fridge or stove.

If you have moisture issues, you are also likely to have pests. When you find leaks or notice high humidity in your home, take measures to remedy the situation. This might mean calling a plumber, installing a dehumidifier, or fixing drainage issues around your home.

What Should You Do About Spiders?

Because spiders in Akron are so hard to eliminate, you shouldn't handle the situation yourself. A home pest control professional can get the job done and keep spiders and their prey away. Here at Epcon Lane, we are ready to serve you.  We've spent years keeping pests away from Akron homes. With our help, you can make sure you're safe from spiders. For more advice or assistance, contact us today.

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