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How Bad Is It To See Carpenter Bees Around My Akron Property?

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Everyone reacts differently to bees. Some are terrified and instinctively duck and run when they encounter one of these insects. Others consider them friendly and show no fear but regard them with respect. In all honesty, bees aren’t an insect to be feared. They are generally docile and will only attack if they feel directly threatened. Despite this, some species of bees are more problematic than others. The carpenter bee for instance causes a unique set of problems for homeowners here in Akron. To help you better understand these pests, here are some things you should know along with some simple advice to keep them off your Akron property. 

What Are Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees, like other area bees, are beneficial insects that have a great effect on our planet’s ecosystem. Like honey bees, they gather pollen on their legs and spread it to other plant growth nearby. Unlike honey bees, carpenter bees are solitary creatures, meaning they prefer living alone rather than in a colony. Another thing that sets these pests apart is how they build their nests. Honey bees find empty spaces and build large, intricate nests out of honeycomb. Carpenter bees tunnel their into wood to build their homes, which is especially problematic when the wood they tunnel through is part of your house, an outbuilding, or a porch or deck.

One question people regularly ask us is, “how do you identify a carpenter bee?” It’s rather simple. Just look at their rear. If it is fuzzy and has yellow and black lines then it isn’t a carpenter bee. If it is smooth and jet black then it is. Carpenter bees also have a distinct black spot in the middle of their furry yellow midsection.

How Destructive Are Carpenter Bees

The good news is that carpenter bees are not as destructive as termites. No matter how many of these pests invade your home, they will not weaken buildings enough to cause severe damage. They do, however, leave unsightly holes in the exterior of structures. They tunnel these holes into untreated, aged wood. If you have an old porch or the wood on your home is sun-dried with peeling paint, then your property is more susceptible to carpenter bee damage.

Some Ways To Prevent Carpenter Bees

If you regularly see carpenter bees around your property and are looking for a way to keep these pests away, we are here to help. To start, here are some things you should be doing to deter these pests.

  • Paint, varnish, and or treat wood around your home that is sundried and weathered.

  • Use putty or caulk to fill in carpenter bee holes around your home, outbuildings, and deck areas. Do your best to avoid these pests while doing this.

  • Use caulk to seal cracks, gaps, and other damage in your home’s exterior.

  • Make sure your window and door screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps are in good order. 

The best time to prevent carpenter bees is during the early fall as this is when they are least active and unlikely to cause you trouble.

Why You Need To Call A Professional For Carpenter Bee Problems

Although carpenter bees are non-confrontational, they will attack if you try to get rid of them and can sting multiple times, unlike honey bees. To safely remove bees from your property, do not hesitate to involve the experts at Epcon Lane. We have the safety equipment and advanced tools to effectively eliminate stinging insects from your Akron yard. Call us today for more details and schedule your property for a service visit.

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