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How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes In Akron?

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Mosquitoes are generally unable to withstand temperatures below 60 degrees; therefore, you will only encounter them between late May and early October in Ohio most years. The females lay their eggs in or close to pools of standing water, meaning that birdbaths, tires, and ditches are all potential breeding grounds. Large clusters of more than 100 mosquito eggs often become visible floating in standing water. Eggs soon develop into larva and pupa, before reaching adulthood. 

The Various Dangers That Mosquitoes Pose

According to the Ohio Department of Health, mosquitoes in the state can spread the West Nile virus, Zika virus, encephalitis, and a host of other hazardous diseases. Many of those bitten by mosquitoes will experience no symptoms, while some people develop a weak fever or head and muscle aches. A small number of individuals develop significant reactions that require prompt medical treatment. 
Children and others will sometimes excessively scratch mosquito bites, which could expose the skin to infection. Certain animals such as horses are particularly susceptible to adverse effects from mosquito bites. Fortunately, mosquitoes usually prefer remaining outdoors, but could venture inside through open doors or damaged window screens.  

Best Practices For Preventing Mosquito Bites 

  • Limit outdoor activity during the hours of dusk and dawn during the summer months when these pests tend to be the most active.

  • Wear full-length shirts and pants to completely cover the skin, and clothing can be treated using permethrin and other types of repellants.

  • Research suggests that mosquitoes are more attracted to dark-colored clothing, and people who have recently consumed alcohol.

  • Apply insect repellant that has been approved by the EPA to areas of exposed skin.

Why Is Treatment From A Professional Exterminator Important?

Many local and online retailers today are promoting home treatment options for the prevention of mosquitoes that are farfetched and ineffective. For example, mosquito repelling patio lanterns and devices with refillable cartridges create a “virtual zone of protection.” 
Unfortunately, consumers who spend their hard-earned money on these purportedly powerful gadgets are likely to be disappointed. 
Other mass-marketed do-it-yourself products include aerosol sprays, foggers, and granular concentrate that, aside from generating minimal results, might contain harmful chemical agents. Property owners are encouraged to respond properly to problems with mosquitoes, and other aggravating pests, by speaking with a local pest controller to banish these concerns. 

Licensed Pest Control Company In Akron

Did you know that the experts at Epcon Lane have been solving difficult pest-related problems for residential and commercial customers in Northeast Ohio for more than 75 years now? In the years since our inception, we have progressed into a truly full-service provider that eliminates troublesome and potentially dangerous invaders, including termites, rodents, and many others. 
Our experienced leadership team adheres to the principles of Integrated Pest Management that involve preventing, monitoring, and limiting unwanted pests in a manner that is safe for people and the local environment. Contact our office today for a thorough interior and exterior inspection of your Akron premises, and a no-obligation estimate. Remember to ask your representative about our comprehensive Peace of Mind + Mosquito Package, which includes a $100 savings. 

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