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The Ultimate Guide To Effective Yellow Jacket Control For Akron Properties

paper wasp nest

Summer is a wonderful season filled with backyard cookouts, swimming parties, and relaxing on the deck while enjoying an iced tea. Unfortunately, flying insects like flowers and gardens; they also feast on foods from picnics and other outdoor human activities. Although these buzzing insects have a role in the ecosystem, yellow jacket wasps are not ones we want around our houses because it is easy to accidentally disturb an in-ground nest, causing them to swarm and hurt people. 

If you have yellow jackets flying around your property, you need pest control in Akron from Epcon Lane Pest Control. Our legacy goes back to 1945 when we began inspecting homes for wood-destroying insects for realty companies. Since then, we have expanded our services, and today, we are a full-service company meeting all pest control needs in our area. 

Since you likely found this article because yellow jackets are swarming around your house or you have had the unfortunate experience of disrupting a nest, we will provide the information you need to end the infestation around your home. 

How To Identify A Yellow Jacket

Identifying whether or not you have carpenter bees, paper wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets is necessary for ending the problem. As their name suggests, yellow jackets have a yellow and black 3/8 to 5/8-inch body with a pinched or narrow waist. Because they are social insects, they create nests, usually in the ground, but they may build their paper-like yellow jacket wasp nest in trees, under eaves, or bushes. Because they are social insects, a single nest may contain over 4,000 members.  

If you experience yellow and black insects flying out of a hole in the ground or from a paper-like nest, you need yellow jacket control in Akron from Epcon Lane Pest Control. We have the tools and experience to remove the nests and end the infestation.

Potential Threats A Yellow Jacket Infestation Could Pose

No one wants yellow jackets because they can inflict painful stings. These six-legged flying insects have a smooth stinger they use to pierce their victim repeatedly and inject venom. For many people, the stings result in swollen red welts and severe pain for an hour or so, while others experience allergic reactions. 

Annually, over 500,000 people go to the Emergency room because of reactions from insect stings. Protect your family by securing yellow jacket pest control from Epcon Lane Pest Control.

Five No-Nonsense Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips

Keep yellow jackets away from your Akron home by implementing these five tips:

1. Keep outdoor garbage cans covered

2. Avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes when outdoors

3. Cover foods when enjoying a cookout or picnic

4. Clean up foods left over from an outdoor event

5. Repair holes in window and door screens

Getting rid of yellow jackets in the ground begins with partnering with Epcon Lane Pest Control. Our trained technicians will identify yellow jacket attractants on your Akron property so you can avoid a future infestation.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of A Yellow Jacket Infestation

Yellow jackets in Akron are aggressive when their nests are disturbed. Experiencing swarms of hundreds of angry yellow jackets can result in a trip to the hospital or at least a painful rest of the day. 

If you see a yellow jacket hole in the ground or aerial nest, call Epcon Lane Pest Control. We will treat the infestation using environmentally friendly, EPA-approved pest control products. Using Integrated Pest Management solutions, we will create a plan to keep the yellow jackets from returning. Contact us today, receive a free quote, and learn more about our pest control programs.

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