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Assessing The Stink Bugs In Akron

close up of a stink bug

When was the last time you saw a stink bug here in Akron? These pests seem to come out of the woodwork during the fall and winter. Where do they come from and why do they like to invade the homes in our area? We will be talking about this today. Here you will learn how to assess your chances of dealing with stink bugs in Akron and how to identify and keep these pests out. For fast services to eliminate these pests or to avoid a future problem, skip straight to our contact page. We would be happy to show you what pest control in Akron looks like and help you find a simple solution to your pest problems.

Identifying Stink Bugs 

If you have lived in Akron for long, chances are you have seen a stink bug. Identify this pest by its ¾” long, mottled greyish-brown, shield-shaped body. It has six legs, two wings, and two long antennae. You might hear a stink bug when it flies around inside your home due to its large body and wings. If you do not see these pests, it doesn’t mean you don’t have an active infestation. Stink bugs like to hide deep inside wall voids and in other secluded areas. The best way to know if a stink bug invasion has occurred in your home is to schedule a thorough pest inspection. Our team at Epcon Lane would be happy to help you identify a stink bug problem indoors. All you have to do is give us a call. 

Stink Bugs Vs. Other Local Bugs

Most pests who live in Akron like living inside homes. Stink bugs are mainly agricultural pests. They cause huge problems for apple, peach, berry, pepper, bean, and pecan farmers. One thing that sets these pests apart is the foul odor they produce when squished. Many liken this odor to cilantro or burnt tires. The good news is that they are not dangerous and they pose no threat to properly. 

What Attracts Stink Bugs In Akron?

Stink bugs are fairly unique pests. Unlike most other insects that invade homes in Akron, stink bugs do not come indoors to find food or moisture. The only reason these pests invade is to find warmth. As we head further towards winter, you will start to notice stink bugs gathering on the sunny sides of homes. They do this to soak up heat. As temperatures drop further and this method becomes less effective, these smelly pests will start looking for entry points to get indoors. They find entry points by crawling on the exterior of buildings and looking for areas that are leaking heat. If you like keeping your windows and doors open during the cool fall, stink bugs will have no problem finding their way inside. To help you deter stink bugs in Akron, here are a few basic exclusion tips to utilize.

  • Seal gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure your window/door screens are in good working condition.
  • Repair damage to windows and doors and make sure they have proper weatherstripping.
  • Fill in spacing around utility piping and wires that lead into your home.

For more help with stink bug control, hire a pest control professional.

Professional Stink Bug Control For Akron Homes

The best solution for a stink bug problem is finding a pest control professional, and finding one you can trust is key. At Epcon Lane, we go above and beyond to make sure our clients are treated like family.

Call today to learn more about our overwintering pest control options and find a way to get and keep stink bugs out of your Akron home this fall and winter. Life is better without bugs in your home!

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